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No dream is too big to achieve, and “The Blueprint for Success Secrets” is a practical example of it. Explore how I helped my son, Malik Beasley, live his dream from Amateurism to NBA with courage and strength.

About The Author Michael Beasley

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Michael Beasley is a renowned actor, producer, and author of “The Blueprint For Success Secrets.” He had developed his interest in acting several years back when his father, John Beasley, came to Atlanta to perform in Kenny Leon’s production of “Jitney” at The Alliance Theater.


Michael Beasley also had a professional career in basketball and played in overseas countries like Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. He then realized that he couldn’t play basketball forever, so he decided to reinvent himself as an actor. In 2007, he stepped into Hollywood and pursued his career as a full-time actor.

Michael Beasley Actor

“The Blueprint For Success Secrets: How to Reach Your Dreams from Amateurism to the NBA”

“The Blueprint For Success Secrets” is the story of winning the championship of life, the struggle of turning an arduous dream into reality, and the story of making it into the world’s most anticipated basketball league, the NBA.

Why Read It?

“The Blueprint For Success Secrets” is an inspirational read for those who think their dreams are too big to achieve. Feel encouraged, feel empowered, and feel that you have everything needed to fulfill big ambitions with Michael Beasley’s most anticipated book about success for young adults. Have a look at how he put together all his courage and became a professional athlete.

The Blueprint For Success Secrets

How to Live Your Dream from
Amateurism to the NBA

Everyone has their own championships in their lives. Your “championship” is whatever goal or dream that excites you!”

“The Blueprint For Success Secrets” is the story of success and determination that has completely changed Michael Beasley and his son Malik’s life.

Blueprint for Success Secrets

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