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Michael is recurring in all three seasons as 'Lil Jake' on Netflix's hit tv show BLOODLINE.

Eastbound & Down

Michael is recurring as 'Jimmy Clay' on HBO's hit tv show EASTBOUND & DOWN (Season 4).


Michael is 'Officer Edmonds' in FLIGHT, which stars Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Bruce Greenwood, and John Goodman.

2 Guns

Michael is the 'Hard Case Border Patrol' in 2 GUNS, which stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

Last Vegas

Michael is the 'Bouncer' in LAST VEGAS, which stars Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline.

Magic City

Michael is recurring as 'Gracy James' on Starz's hit show MAGIC CITY (Season 1).


Michael is 'Morris' in NBC's tv show CONSTANTINE.

The Bay

Michael is 'Officer Jimson' in THE BAY.


Michael is 'Davis' in CONTRABAND, which stars Mark Wahlberg.

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How to Become a Great Actor

Meryl Streep, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt — they’ve all said more or less the same thing about acting: There is no such thing as “character.” It comes from me. So if it comes from you, then what great acting comes down to is you being truthful—being true to who you are and not trying to show us your idea of the “character.” Go for truthful moments. It’s that simple. That’s what people want to see!