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“The Blueprint For Success Secrets” is an inspirational read for those who think their dreams are too big to achieve. Feel encouraged, feel empowered, and feel that you have everything needed to fulfill big ambitions with Michael Beasley’s most anticipated book about success for young adults. Have a look at how he put together all his courage and became a professional athlete.

The Blueprint For Success Secrets
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How to Live Your Dream from
Amateurism to the NBA

Everyone has their own championships in their lives. Your “championship” is whatever goal or dream that excites you!”

“The Blueprint For Success Secrets” is the story of success and determination that has completely changed Michael Beasley and his son Malik’s life.

Less than 1 percent of athletes ever make it to the NBA, and Michael Beasley wanted his son, Malik Beasley, to be a part of that 1%. Michael’s struggle for success began when Malik told him that he wanted to play basketball in the NBA. From professional trainers, like strength trainer Tyrone “Ropeman” Felder and skills trainer Jeremiah Boswell, to switching teams in AAU to the best AAU team to help Malik excel with the Georgia Stars, who were sponsored by Nike, we made the necessary adjustments needed to help Malik get into NBA.

Malik’s high school basketball career turned out to be a major turning point in his journey to the NBA. Throughout his journey, he participated in several regional and national tournaments and All-Star games in his junior and senior years, such as The Beach Ball Classic, the City of Palms, the Michael Jordan Classic, and played on a USA Team in a France Tournament to pave his way to success.

Malik was successfully paving his way to NBA, but a painful obstacle crossed his way. One day, Malik was training with his trainer when he noticed a bump on his shin. Malik said it was sore, but it didn’t prevent him from working out.

After doctors’ consultations who had recommended surgery to repair a small crack in his tibula, Malik thought it was the end of his career, but when your dreams are worth more than anything in the world, there’s no force to stop you from achieving those. After a successful surgery, Malik got back on the ground running with more courage, strength, and determination to continue to pursue his dream.

Michael felt like all the years of hard work paid off when Malik got invited to the 2016 NBA Draft, where the Denver Nuggets chose Malik with the nineteenth pick.

There’s truth in this saying, “in the rough path of hard work; there’s hidden a success.” Today Malik is playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves for $60 million dollars.

Get your copy of “The Blueprint For Success Secrets” today and read Malik’s story of winning the championship of his dreams.

Blueprint for Success Secrets

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Courage, strength, and support are what you have to invest in turning your arduous dreams into reality. “The Blueprint For Success Secrets” would help you find out what really matters to win life’s championship. Be one of the first readers by pre-ordering your copy today!