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Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Michael Beasley is a renowned actor, producer, and author of “The Blueprint For Success Secrets.” He had developed his interest in acting several years back when his father, John Beasley, came to Atlanta to perform in Kenny Leon’s production of “Jitney” at The Alliance Theater.

Michael Beasley’s stats say that he also had a professional career in basketball and played in overseas countries like Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Dominican Republic. He then realized that he couldn’t play basketball forever, so he decided to reinvent himself as an actor. In 2007, he stepped into Hollywood and pursued his career as a full-time actor.

Currently, he decided to pen down his lifelong journey of courage, strength, and struggle in his new book “The Blueprint For Success Secrets.” His focus in this book is to develop a layout that entails how to get your child to the NBA or a professional level. He emphasizes the path that he and his son had chosen for themselves and the hardships they faced on the way is just one way to accomplish their dreams, but not the only way.

Michael Beasley aims to make his book an encouraging resource for everyone to develop their own success plan to accomplish unrealistic goals. He believes that it is essential to have a determined plan in life; otherwise, the probability of failure becomes high. Don’t let a lack of planning and right actions be a hurdle in fulfilling your dreams. Executing a plan and turning it into action provides a road to success, which is crucial for everyone.

Get your hands on “The Blueprint For Success Secrets” today and learn how you can achieve the impossible with determination and focus.

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